Balcony Enclosures


Proport specializes in the enclosing of balconies. It often happens that you purchase a new property, with a lovely balcony – the only problem is that the balcony is often unusable due to weather, or other factors. We can help – by enclosing your balcony.

Glass, sliding windows and tophung windows are used to enclose the sides, still retaining your view to the outside. Our structures are built on our proven concept, using aluzinc, with a choice of roofsheets to choose from. Sides are aluminium and glass where needed, and all in accordance with the national building regulations and local authorities. 

There are also other factors why balconies need enclosing – water seeping through to the floor below is a common problem, often not repairable by waterproofing. It thus makes sense to enclose the balcony, to get rid of the water problem, also getting full use of the area. Our structures look neat, and add value to the existing property.