Since 1986, Proport specializes in the construction of sunrooms.

We use our tried and tested concept, making use of lightweight aluzinc for the beams. Roof sheeting can vary, depending on clients needs and practicality. A suspended ceiling with insulation is also an alternative.

Nowadays, it makes sense to add on rather than sell and buy another property. The selling process itself has its fair share of problems and costs. Lots of properties lend themselves to the construction of a sunroom. There might be areas, which are just never used or not used due to wind or other factors. Blocking off the wind by means of glass (windows, doors and fixed panels) forms a great sunroom. Roofing options, as mentioned, can vary and one is never restricted.

Our unique construction method ensures strong, durable structures being able to withstand windloads up to 105km per hour. Proport structures are unique and offer value, style and simplicity all at the same time. Our trained consultants will give practical advice and help with the whole process, ensuring a faultless process with peace of mind to the client.