Covered Parking Areas


Proport specializes in the construction of high quality, low maintenance lightweight steel carports.

Aluzinc is used for the construction, with a variety of roofsheets to choose from. Zincalumne sheeting can be used, or colorbond, or translucent alternatives where needed. The roundoff of the roof is done with a maintenance free polyester fascia. It conceals the sheeting and gutter, giving the carport an elegant look, yet practical. We have been in business since 1986, and have experienced it all.

Our carports are suitable for private or commercial use. Proport does everything – from site visit to drawing up plans and getting approval from the local municipality. The construction method is unique; meaning that time on site is limited, and construction time very swift.

Our workmen are all well trained and work as a unit, keeping inconvenience to the client as little as possible while on site. With the cost of a vehicle today, it makes sense to protect this valuable asset by installing a Proport carport.