Braai Rooms


There are two types of people in Cape Town – those with braairooms and those still wanting one. Ask anyone who have had a braairoom – it is a way of life and when used to one, cannot go without it again.

Proport started constructing braairooms in 1986, when it was still mainly unknown. We use aluzinc for our construction, with various options as far as roof sheeting goes. We are still leaders in the industry, with our designs, practicality and simple charm.

A braairoom means being able to entertain, irrespective of the elements outside. We stick to the Proport concept, with sides being constructed more out of glass and aluminium (doors and windows) than brickwork.

A small unusable area can easily be altered into a practical braai area with our system. Folding/sliding doors are also an option, enabling a person to have an area completely open when needed, yet closed when the need arises. Designs of braairooms remain a personal choice, yet our consultants can give advice on this aspect. We draw up the plans, and submit to council.

Our structures comply with all the requirements, and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the family. A Proport structure will add value to your property, and ensure the lifestyle you deserve.